Spirit guides

What are Spirit guides ?

Spirit guides are benign spiritual beings who stay with us ,protect and guide us until we ourselves move into the next world .
They may be a childhood friend ( that invisible friend ) you used to play with , or a close family member passed over when you where a young child .
As we are spiritual beings in the human body ,they to are spiritual beings who have left that human form.

Spirit guides – are wiser and are not strained by physical time and space , not like us in human form can be .
Some guides can get more involved , draw close to teach or to heal us , and these guides may never have been in human form but they do understand human needs .
Spirit guides do not sit around waiting for us to call, but when you do – they are always there .
You may sense them or see a shadow or even a outline of human form , or a scent that only you would know ( eg – grannies perfume or mums favorite flower ) .

Spirit guides are like your best friends as they have your best interests at heart , and always there for you given you advice and guidence. so keep in touch with them and use your guide wisely and there help when you most need it .

Sort out everyday issues yourself , spirit guides are not there to help you find lottery numbers or that parking space you need for a quick shop .
They are there for you in life changing decisions , if you are embarking on a new journey.
Call on them they are there to help you ..

Here are a few Crystals to help in Spiritiual enhancement.

Amethyst – Angelite – Carnelian – Sugilite – Sunstone and moonstone .

As with all spiritual work find yourself a quiet space where you will not be disturbed , light a candle, play some music ,burn some incence ( sandalwood is good for spirit connection ) and always ground yourself .
Love and light . Paul .