Rose quartz

Rose Quartz – The love stone .

It is said to be the stone of unconditional love and divine peace . It is the crystal for the heart ( used alot on the heart chakra during healings ).
It helps cleanse and open the heart to all levels of true love , bringing inner healing and love for yourself .
A calming crystal , the lovers stone , placed by your bed helps keep your relationship strong and true .

Rose quartz draws off negative energies gently, but replaces it with loving vibes . A great crystal to use if you feel a change in your relationship .
A great crystal for the face also , helps ease wrinkles , fine lines . And helps ease headaches when placed on the forehead.

Rose quartz will open the heart making you more receptive in receiving love , or if you have lost love will help ease the pain .

Healing – it helps the heart , good for chest and lung problems.
Good for the kidneys and the mind .

Rose Quartz is pink in colour and is good in raw or polished form , it is easily obtained .

Love and healing Paul .