Cleansing crystals

There are many ways to cleanse / clean your crystals .

The first way is to hold under running water for a few minutes , it is better if this water is natural spring water, although water from your tap is ok . then place your crystal outside and leave to dry

The second way is using incense hold your crystal in the cleansing smoke for a few minutes ( sandalwood is a great one to use) .

The third way is to use a singing / healing bowl this is a great way to cleanse several crystals at the one time , the vibrations of the healing bowl helps clear the crystals .

The fourth way is to use a smudge stick like using the incense hold your crystals in the healing smoke for a few minutes . The smudge stick is also good for clearing your healing rooms / healing space .

Also if you have a large Amethyst cluster it can be used to set your smaller crystals on as Amethyst is a natural cleanser .

I hope you find these simple tips a help . love and healing Paul .