What are Chakras ?

They are our very own wheels of energy our human power houses in the body .
They are our connections with our willpower , Psychic powers , Spirit and our sexual abilities our Life force.
With every day life it affects our chakras, putting them out of balance.
Therefore it important to keep the chakras in good balance ,much the same as you maintain your home or car to keep them looking and running well.
There are seven main Chakras in the human body , and several minor chakras, in this we will be dealing with the seven main chakras .
The seven main points work with the emotional, physical and spiritual side of us .
Energy enters the body as a yin energy and is then converted to the yang energy ,which is circulated around the body .
This life force with in the body is then known as the chi ..
Therefore the constantly spinning energy ( or chakras ) can affect us emotionally , physically and spiritually.
The energy within the chakras may be fast or slow depending how we are affected .

If the chakras are unbalanced – blocked or sluggish energy our physical and mental health can be affected and our spiritual development also depends on how the energy is flowing in the chakras.
So it is important to keep the chakras energies free-flowing. as stagnant energy can lead to illness and dis-ease in the body .

Each Chakra has a different colour and purpose. ( see below )

Root Chakra ( found at base of the spine ) – is Red and is your survival , connection with mother earth and abundance.

Scaral Chakra ( found just below the belly button ) – is Orange and is your sexual centre , creativity and your energy store .

Solar Plexus ( found at the bottom of the breast bone ) – is Yellow and is your personal power , emotional control and your physical centre .

Heart Chakra ( found at the centre of the chest ) – is Pink or Green and is your love centre , trust and your risk taking centre .

Throat Chakra (found in middle of the throat ) – is Blue and is your communication centre .

Third Eye ( found in the centre of the forehead ) – is Purple and is your thoughts , dreams and your psychic centre .

Crown Chakra ( found at top of the head ) – is White (clear) and is your connection to the divine , spirit and is your awarenss centre .

Crystals for the Chakras .

Red jasper – Base Chakra .
Orange carnelian – Scaral Chakra.
Citrine – Solar plexus Chakra .
Rose quartz / Aventurine – Heart Chakra .
Blue lace agate – Throat Chakra .
Amethyst – Third eye Chakra .
Clear quartz – Crown Chakra .