Guardian angels

Angelic help is always there. All we need to do is ask for it .

And there are times when we get angelic help without requesting it . Did you ever get help from a complete stranger ? and when you wanted to say thanks to them they had gone ?
They may have been an angel sent to help you .

Every one has a guardian Angel, this angel is with you all your life , standing close to you always.
This angel is here to guide you and help you through good and bad .and when you pass to the spirit world ,your guardian angel is still with you , helping you. its up to you to ask for help from your guardian angel as in spirit law help can only be given when it is asked for ,he or she is there for you so ask and you will get the help you need .
Talk to your guardian angel every day they are there to listen and help you , and always thank them for being there and helping you ( a simple thank you thats all ).


1 – Find a quiet place, and a time when you wont be disturbed .

2 – Speak out loud or just think in your head ( speaking i find gives you a stronger connection )
always speak from your heart , eg Dear guardian angel thank you for being with me at this moment ( say what you need help with ) , this help will be from the highest good , for you or the person it is for .

3 – Thank your angel for there help, even if you have not yet received it as it will come .

Love and Light .

Signs that your Angels are around , finding a white feather in a stange place ,feeling overwhelmed,a loving prescence near you or seeing sudden flashes off white light ( like stars ) or colours in front of you .