Known as the royalty stone as through out the ages it has been used by kings and queens ,  as used in battle as it is said to give the wearer strength and courage  to fight .

Its name comes from the greeks as it means not drunk , so is a great hangover crystal place below your pillow  or place in your water the next morning . 

Great crystal for the mind as it brings you clarity and spiritually ,  great for headaches .

When cleansing never leave in sun light to long as it will fade  .

Love and light Paul .

Clear quartz Crystal

This crystal is known as the master healer , can be used for everything even on all the chakras .

The native american indians use it in there scared burials as they believe it helps the spirit to pass over safely .

This crystal will help amplife the energies of other crystals if used during a healing session .

Also known as the truth stone .  great in aura work , clears and cleanses energy .

Great in spirit work as it brings about spiritual peace .

Love and light . Paul


The Aura

What is the Aura ?

The answer is the aura is a living energy field that surrounds all living creatures .
We are all made up of energy and light.This energy and light reflects who we are .Even though our bodies are solid it is actually made of energy waves that vibrate in a certain way .
Everything we feel or see is made of energy and vibrations together they create an unique pattern – The aura .

The word aura comes from the word ” aureola ” meaning atmosphere of multi-coloured light .
Our auras reflect who we are and extend out from the body . Everyone is different , and there is no real set length that they extend . It can be 1 feet till 5 feet , this depends on our mood and state of mind etc.

There are several layers of the aura – some say 7 some say there is more . The layers are each separated by a thin electric field (usually blue in colour ).
And when we first try to see the aura we usually only see the layer closest to the body ,all the auras layers are interconnected and each one affects the other .

The 7 layer are called – Etheric – Emotional – Mental – Astral – Etheric template – Celestial – Ketheric template.

The Etheric aura .
This is the first layer you see around the body , it is close to the skin . Usually a very light shade . gives the affect rather like cigarette smoke . This is the layer where you feel all your sensations , both pain and pleasure and during sleep this layer extends further out , this helps it absorb and store cosmic energy .

The emotional aura .
This is the next layer extending about two till four inches from the body, it appears as rainbow coloured clouds . This is associated with your feelings .Positive feelings create bright colours and negative feeling darker colour.

The mental aura .
This is the next layer extending about four till eight inches from the body, it is a bright shade of yellow. this layer is our thoughts and mental processes. the more active our thinking the brighter it becomes . Also in this layer our thought forms are found .

The astral aura .
This is the next layer extending about eight till twelve inches from the body , and appears as brightly coloured rainbow clouds brighter than the emotional layer . this layer is a very important layer in the aura as it is the bridge between the physical and spiritual world.

The etheric template aura .
This is the next layer extending about twelve till twenty four inches from the body ,this is known as your bodies blue print form , this layer is the energy that is used when on the astral plane . This is the template that holds the etheric aura in place .

The celestial aura .
This is the next layer extending about twenty four inches from the body ,and appears as bright shimmering pastal colours . This is the level of feelings within the world of spirit , here we communicate with all beings from the spiritual world .

The ketheric template aura .
This is the next layer extending about thirty six till forty eight inches from the body , and appears as a really bright golden light that is pulsating. ( this layer is said to be difficult to see ) .
This layer takes on the form of a golden egg surrounding and protects everything within it .

Love and light Paul .


Angelite – The stone of awareness .

As with the name this stone is used to help you connect with the angelic realm . It helps enhance communication with your angels .
A powerful stone for healers to use as it deepens attunement with your angels , and if like me i would often hand my healings over to my angels . Asking it to be sent to where my client needs it most .
Angelite also offers you protection , guidence and strength .

Angelite helps you speak the truth , to accept and is good in telepathic work .
It helps ease pain gives you a feeling of peace and calm opens your spiritual thoughts .Raising your awareness your psychic path .

Healing – use at your feet to help release / unblock your energies .
Good for the throat helps the thyroid and good for inflammation . helps balance your bodies fluids, good for weight loss, the lungs and on sunburn .( a cooling stone )

Angelite – is blue in colour can be used in tumble form or raw . easily obtained .

A great stone for anyone that is working or looking to connect with the angelic realm .

Love and light Paul .

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz – The love stone .

It is said to be the stone of unconditional love and divine peace . It is the crystal for the heart ( used alot on the heart chakra during healings ).
It helps cleanse and open the heart to all levels of true love , bringing inner healing and love for yourself .
A calming crystal , the lovers stone , placed by your bed helps keep your relationship strong and true .

Rose quartz draws off negative energies gently, but replaces it with loving vibes . A great crystal to use if you feel a change in your relationship .
A great crystal for the face also , helps ease wrinkles , fine lines . And helps ease headaches when placed on the forehead.

Rose quartz will open the heart making you more receptive in receiving love , or if you have lost love will help ease the pain .

Healing – it helps the heart , good for chest and lung problems.
Good for the kidneys and the mind .

Rose Quartz is pink in colour and is good in raw or polished form , it is easily obtained .

Love and healing Paul .

Build your own healing set

A healing set does not have to contain dozens of crystals .

A simple collection of tumble stones, a few different sizes , ( for resting on the body ).

Clear quartz – the master healer ( around 10 tumbled and 4 quartz points )

Amethyst , smokey quartz ,around 4 of each ( tumbled ).

Massage wands two or three ( what ever you are drawen to )

Crystal pendulums – one clear quartz and one amethyst .

Add in a few larger crystals for meditation ( easier to hold ).

This is a little starter guide for you . Your healing set can be as big or small as you want it to be,and be of any crystal that you are guided to and healing Paul .

Cleansing crystals

There are many ways to cleanse / clean your crystals .

The first way is to hold under running water for a few minutes , it is better if this water is natural spring water, although water from your tap is ok . then place your crystal outside and leave to dry

The second way is using incense hold your crystal in the cleansing smoke for a few minutes ( sandalwood is a great one to use) .

The third way is to use a singing / healing bowl this is a great way to cleanse several crystals at the one time , the vibrations of the healing bowl helps clear the crystals .

The fourth way is to use a smudge stick like using the incense hold your crystals in the healing smoke for a few minutes . The smudge stick is also good for clearing your healing rooms / healing space .

Also if you have a large Amethyst cluster it can be used to set your smaller crystals on as Amethyst is a natural cleanser .

I hope you find these simple tips a help . love and healing Paul .

Brushing your aura .

The aura is an energy field that surrounds the body .

You may thing what a strange thing to do , is it possible ? yes is the answer.

This will cleanse and ensure the energy within your aura is flowing freely around the body .
Its a calming of the aura ( good to do after a stressful day at work , if you are recovering from an illness,or if some one has got in to your space and annoyed you . ) feeling out of sorts .

And the best way to brush your aura is to use a piece of raw Selenite ( wand ).

Start by sitting or standing with the Selenite in your hand and gently start brushing your aura as you would brush your hair ,starting at the top of your head using long downward strokes till you reach your feet .when you reach the floor tap the wand on the ground (gently ) this removes the negative energies that have built up in the aura . repeat this again and work your way around the body . or simply get some i else to do it for you .

Selenite – the calming stone but it is a powerful crystal. really good in spiritual work and meditation, brings you deep inner peace and has a great vibration ..
Selenite should never be cleansed with water as it wiil start to dissolve when wet leave in the moon light or use a smudge stick on it .

Love and light Paul .

Spirit guides

What are Spirit guides ?

Spirit guides are benign spiritual beings who stay with us ,protect and guide us until we ourselves move into the next world .
They may be a childhood friend ( that invisible friend ) you used to play with , or a close family member passed over when you where a young child .
As we are spiritual beings in the human body ,they to are spiritual beings who have left that human form.

Spirit guides – are wiser and are not strained by physical time and space , not like us in human form can be .
Some guides can get more involved , draw close to teach or to heal us , and these guides may never have been in human form but they do understand human needs .
Spirit guides do not sit around waiting for us to call, but when you do – they are always there .
You may sense them or see a shadow or even a outline of human form , or a scent that only you would know ( eg – grannies perfume or mums favorite flower ) .

Spirit guides are like your best friends as they have your best interests at heart , and always there for you given you advice and guidence. so keep in touch with them and use your guide wisely and there help when you most need it .

Sort out everyday issues yourself , spirit guides are not there to help you find lottery numbers or that parking space you need for a quick shop .
They are there for you in life changing decisions , if you are embarking on a new journey.
Call on them they are there to help you ..

Here are a few Crystals to help in Spiritiual enhancement.

Amethyst – Angelite – Carnelian – Sugilite – Sunstone and moonstone .

As with all spiritual work find yourself a quiet space where you will not be disturbed , light a candle, play some music ,burn some incence ( sandalwood is good for spirit connection ) and always ground yourself .
Love and light . Paul .


What are Chakras ?

They are our very own wheels of energy our human power houses in the body .
They are our connections with our willpower , Psychic powers , Spirit and our sexual abilities our Life force.
With every day life it affects our chakras, putting them out of balance.
Therefore it important to keep the chakras in good balance ,much the same as you maintain your home or car to keep them looking and running well.
There are seven main Chakras in the human body , and several minor chakras, in this we will be dealing with the seven main chakras .
The seven main points work with the emotional, physical and spiritual side of us .
Energy enters the body as a yin energy and is then converted to the yang energy ,which is circulated around the body .
This life force with in the body is then known as the chi ..
Therefore the constantly spinning energy ( or chakras ) can affect us emotionally , physically and spiritually.
The energy within the chakras may be fast or slow depending how we are affected .

If the chakras are unbalanced – blocked or sluggish energy our physical and mental health can be affected and our spiritual development also depends on how the energy is flowing in the chakras.
So it is important to keep the chakras energies free-flowing. as stagnant energy can lead to illness and dis-ease in the body .

Each Chakra has a different colour and purpose. ( see below )

Root Chakra ( found at base of the spine ) – is Red and is your survival , connection with mother earth and abundance.

Scaral Chakra ( found just below the belly button ) – is Orange and is your sexual centre , creativity and your energy store .

Solar Plexus ( found at the bottom of the breast bone ) – is Yellow and is your personal power , emotional control and your physical centre .

Heart Chakra ( found at the centre of the chest ) – is Pink or Green and is your love centre , trust and your risk taking centre .

Throat Chakra (found in middle of the throat ) – is Blue and is your communication centre .

Third Eye ( found in the centre of the forehead ) – is Purple and is your thoughts , dreams and your psychic centre .

Crown Chakra ( found at top of the head ) – is White (clear) and is your connection to the divine , spirit and is your awarenss centre .

Crystals for the Chakras .

Red jasper – Base Chakra .
Orange carnelian – Scaral Chakra.
Citrine – Solar plexus Chakra .
Rose quartz / Aventurine – Heart Chakra .
Blue lace agate – Throat Chakra .
Amethyst – Third eye Chakra .
Clear quartz – Crown Chakra .