Angelite – The stone of awareness .

As with the name this stone is used to help you connect with the angelic realm . It helps enhance communication with your angels .
A powerful stone for healers to use as it deepens attunement with your angels , and if like me i would often hand my healings over to my angels . Asking it to be sent to where my client needs it most .
Angelite also offers you protection , guidence and strength .

Angelite helps you speak the truth , to accept and is good in telepathic work .
It helps ease pain gives you a feeling of peace and calm opens your spiritual thoughts .Raising your awareness your psychic path .

Healing – use at your feet to help release / unblock your energies .
Good for the throat helps the thyroid and good for inflammation . helps balance your bodies fluids, good for weight loss, the lungs and on sunburn .( a cooling stone )

Angelite – is blue in colour can be used in tumble form or raw . easily obtained .

A great stone for anyone that is working or looking to connect with the angelic realm .

Love and light Paul .