If you haven’t heard, there are free positive affirmations out there that you can take advantage of right now. These affirmations are absolutely free and they have the ability to change your life right now.


There are a lot of positive statements out there to choose from and there are new free positive affirmations being added to websites every day, such as the one mentioned below this article. If you have not gotten in on the life changing process of using positive affirmations in your life you should not wait any longer. Because it’s free to use them, what can you lose by giving them a try?

Free Affirmations Examples

If you are new to free positive affirmations you can apply them to your life to get you started immediately. After you see free affirmations examples you may find that you can create your own. This is a good thing because for affirmations to be powerful they need to be something that you strongly believe in and will actively implement into your daily routine. While this is true, you can get started right now with free affirmations until you are ready, if ever, to branch out on your own.

Below are some very popular free positive affirmations:

I am confident.

I am worthy of love.

I love myself for who I am.

I am a success in all I do.

I am confident and will be unaffected by negative people that surround me.

My possibilities are endless.

I am free to be myself.

Love, health, and wealth flows abundantly into my life.

I am only responsible for my own attitude.

The more positive I am, the more positive energy will be returned to me.

I can do anything I set my mind to.

By eating the right foods I nourish my body.

I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

No challenge is too big.


These are just a few of the free positive affirmations out there that you can use. They are general enough that you can likely apply a good deal of them to your life and benefit from them. Any of these free affirmations examples will help you to replace negative thought with positive thought or simply give you motivation to continue on your path even when you are thinking about giving up. When you believe in one of these affirmations and you reaffirm it at every turn by repeating it either in your mind or out loud you can make it your reality.


Many people have been surprised at the impact of affirmations on their life. Because you will be filling your life with more positive energy you’ll feel more positive and the people around you will feel this coming from you. For many, when they introduce positive affirmations to their life they find that every day tasks seem a lot easier and even those stress provoking tasks seem to be easier to tackle.


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